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Kristen Norvel

Discover Your Strength

Through Custom Training

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Hi, I’m Kristen

Personal Training Coach and VA Licensed Massage Therapist

I've been successfully solving difficult pain, alignment, and functional movement problems for people since 2009.  With a functional knowledge base rooted in physical therapy theory and methodology and professional training in anatomy, physiology, soft-tissue therapies and modalities, and functional movement patterns I am more than equipped to listen, think, and develop a plan that sets you on your path to healing, wellness, and peak physical performance!

Introducing LifestyleFitness

A Holistic Fitness Method that will Change Your Life

Sometimes what your workout routine needs is fitness from a different perspective.  That is what we do best.  With a functional comprehension of theories, methodologies, interventions and practices from a variety disciplines that work hard to solve dysfunction within the human body, Lifestyle Fitness encourages clients to explore all of their options when it comes to building the healthiest body possible.  Getting a second pair of eyes and ears to observe what you're doing and how you're doing it can make the difference in breaking your wellness plateau and reaching whatever goal you are aiming for.  The healthful impact that exercise can have on the body is undisputed and exponential.

LFit on the Go

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