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Meet Kristen

Personal Training Coach and VA Licensed Massage Therapist

Developing an interest in orthopedic injuries and recovery came quite organically when I, myself became injured and needed to recover.  I quickly found that I was starting my recovery from a place of profound ignorance and was not able to communicate my recovery needs to my physical therapist with much detail or specificity.  I was subject to her biased assessment of me without consideration of what my goals were.  Even worse, because i was young, slim, flexible, and active, my concerns of what I now know to be misalignment, hyper-mobility, and myofacial restriction were dismissed or ignored.  This experience motivated me to reshape myself into a knowledgeable, reliable, and relatable tool for people to use when they run into similar issues surrounding orthopedic injury and recovery.  Working with me to define your problem, think about solutions, and begin to recover includes not only weight lifting, but also stability, flexibility, and mobility training.  In addition to this we can, if you choose, work on the quality of your soft tissue through massage therapy.

My Vision

Support fellow humans on their journey to self-actualization through physical fitness training and deep tissue massage therapy.

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